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Our Mission

To serve people and be beneficial in their lives (through health, wellness, and fitness programs), so they and their families can live better.

Our Vision

I envision the improvement of the lives of all people in the world through education and consistent intentions and actions. With my health & fitness training programs and products, people are choosing and living active, healthy lifestyles, having fun, and feeling and living better lives. 

About the Company

Althea Moses Health & Fitness Company is an innovative company established to help people choose and live active, healthy lifestyles, and look and feel better with the use of innovative/world-class products and services. Althea believes that sharing her 30 plus years of health & fitness knowledge, experience, and passion can help people choose and live active, healthy lifestyles, and look and feel better too. 

We listen to you and assess your needs, and coach you for your optimal health. We provide excellent client service. We care about you and your well-being.



Upcoming Events

  • ALTHEA FitnessTM class (Thursdays)

  • Let's Move Bruins Fitness class (3rd Sat.)

  • New Book Launch (January 2014)


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Services Overview

*ALTHEA FitnessTM Classes

*Personal Training Programs

*Wellness & Weight Management Programs

*Health & Wellness Seminars



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Telephone: (310) 740-1157

Toll-free (800) 693-5458



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